How to purée garlic

Garlic and a touch of salt.

Chopping garlic is all well and good but sometimes you need the flavour without the discernible bits. Here’s how to purée garlic using just the blade of your knife.

Peel the garlic and lay it on a cutting board that you have sprinkled with a little bit of salt. The salt will act as “grit” so that the garlic doesn’t slide all around the board.

A good start.

Lay the knife blade down flat on the garlic, with the sharp edge facing away from you. Press the blade down and slightly towards you, trying to crush the garlic as you do so. This will take a few times before you start to see a result.

About half-way through.

Use the sharp edge of the knife to round the garlic up into a tidy pile, and then crush it again. You may need to add more salt if you have a lot of garlic to crush.

The end result.

Scrape up the purée with your knife and continue with your recipe.

9 thoughts on “How to purée garlic

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  6. Healthy Not Nuts

    Oh my gosh, thank you for this tutorial on the garlic. I have some recipes that say to make a paste out of the garlic but I didn’t know the technique. I will be good to go now ~ Yay! 😄


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