Week 8 2016

One of the seasonal menus from this week:

Umbrian Chick Pea Soup (V, GF)
Beetroot & Pickled Cabbage Salad (V, GF)
Roasted Swede (Rutabaga) (V, GF)
Garden Salad with Vinaigrette (V, GF)
Pumpernickel Bread (V)

(Dishes that have a link to a recipe are underlined. If they are not underlined,
I will – hopefully – get the recipes to you soon. If you can’t wait, contact me!)


2 thoughts on “Week 8 2016

  1. Roxanne Lovelette

    Tara, I’m not a bread maker, this looks amazing. Tim was talking just the other day about wanting to try his hand at making bread, so I’m going to ask for this! Should the flour be anything special? I’ll let you know when we make the attempt! Roxy


    1. Tara@LittleHomeKitchen Post author

      Hi Roxanne, follow the link and it will take you to the recipe. There are three different flours in this bread: rye, wholemeal (whole wheat), and white, and you (or rather, Tim!) should use all three. They add to the depth of flavour, the colour, and the texture. I’m sure Tim can scrounge up some nice, organic flour from work! T.



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