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Brownie Trouble

brownies-closeupA long time ago, when I was first starting out on this cooking lark, I worked in the kitchen at Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont. This was back when Ben and Jerry themselves were still building their business, and they had a little café at the front of the shop on Cherry Street. We cooks made crêpes and soups and sandwiches, and on the other side of the kitchen the baker made cookies and brownies for the ice cream sundaes.

One day, when the baker called in sick (aka hungover), I offered to make the brownies. The manager Mike, needing brownies urgently, agreed, and I got to work with the massive mixer and large quantity of ingredients. Pounds of butter and chocolate were melted and mixed with copious amounts of sugar, and then I added the eggs and moved on the the dry ingredients. So many pounds of flour, maybe some cocoa powder, and a pound of salt. I did stop for a moment to wonder at that, but this was a huge recipe, and there it was in the baker’s handwriting: 1 lb salt.  Continue reading