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Quick and Easy Cabbage Salad (because something should be easy when you’re a parent)

Let me say a few words about The Son, who is 10 years old. He has always surprised us with his wide-ranging, quirky and sophisticated tastes. He is funny and smart, and he looks the part in his lab coat which he asked for when he was six and which he continues to wear to all sorts of places, including the moor for a 4-mile walk.

He can be loving and generous, and he is the one child we can count on to give us pieces of his candy when he has some.

He can read a 300-page book in a day, and he would probably like nothing better than to do that, although he has started to take an interest in improving his physique (push-ups on the patio at 8:30 a.m. is a new development).  Continue reading

Carrot Cake

the completed cakeI am not a vegan, but I often get asked to make things with no animal products in them. This carrot cake is one of them.

For my inspiration, I turned to Gaia’s Kitchen,” a cookbook written by my colleague and friend Julia Ponsonby. Julia has compiled this cookbook and her subsequent book, “Gaia’s Feasts“, with recipes gathered from students, teachers, mentors, friends and volunteers at the college, as well as creations of her own. Because Schumacher has a vegetarian kitchen, all of the recipes are vegetarian, and many have suggestions for how to alter them for special diets (e.g. egg free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan…).  Continue reading