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Turkish Lamb Pizza & Moroccan Pickled Vegetables (or, How We Communicate)


The Oldest has a penchant for hunting horns. None of us hunt, or even ride for that matter, but the horns have come in handy for one very specific reason: when the kids are outside mucking around, and the noise of the river is drowning out all means of communication, we blow on one of the horns, which can be heard all over the valley. Within minutes, the kids come swarming in from the fields. It’s amazing how well this works, and that they respond at all, being, er, at a certain age of independence.  Continue reading

Lamb Stew (Things aren’t always what you expect)


A couple of weeks ago, the sun woke me up bright and early, and as it bathed the treetops in a golden glow, I breathed deeply and stretched my arms and announced to The Author (still half asleep), “I think the weather has turned now! No more hard frosts till the autumn!” And in his kind way, he said, “Hmmm.”

“I really think this is the turning point!” And I hopped out of bed, looked out the window and gazed upon . . . white. One of the hardest frosts of the year.

But, that was then and this is now, and Friday saw a triumvirate of auspicious events here in Devon: a solar eclipse, the vernal equinox, and the first day of spring.

Luckily for us, The Author’s parents had a stash of Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses from 1999, when the last total eclipse happened in England.


To be honest, for most of the eclipse we didn’t need the glasses – the sky was too overcast. But when the clouds occasionally parted, the sun was hot and very very bright. I expected much more dimness, but a surprisingly small sliver is enough to keep daylight going. So the glasses really came in handy, and we were able to look directly at the sun, a beautiful and eerie solar crescent.

The day of the eclipse also saw Continue reading