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Harissa, Rose Petals & Cereal Woes (a snapshot of life)


The other morning the Oldest and the Son were having breakfast and the subject of cereal came up. Or perhaps I should tell it like it is. They were arguing over who owns the cereal. Continue reading


Week 17 2016

One of the seasonal menus from this week:

Miso Soup with Tofu & Julienned Vegetables (GF, V)
Sesame Peanut Noodles with Purple Sprouting Broccoli (GF, V)
Spicy Cucumber & Cashew Salad (GF, V)
Green Salad & Vinaigrette (GF, V)

(If the dishes have a link to a recipe, they are underlined.
If they are not underlined, I’ll do my best to get them on here!)

Braised Cannellini Beans (or, this is really good)


A few years ago, I was tinkering around with a recipe for a gluten-free cake for work. I wanted to make something that didn’t have a gritty rice flour feel or a dense texture and crumb, something that everyone (not just gluten-free people) would really enjoy. I thought I’d hit the jackpot with a recipe for a quinoa chocolate cake, so I made it, and I presented the deep chocolate confection to my waiting family.

“It tastes like soil,” said The Author, not trying to be unkind. Continue reading

Week 44 2015

Pumpkin Parmesan (GF)
Wine-Marinated Mushrooms (GF, V)
Roasted Potatoes with Garlic & Bay (GF, V)
Green Salad & Vinaigrette (GF, V)
Rosemary Focaccia (V)
Gluten Free Focaccia (GF, V)

Dishes that have a link to a recipe are underlined. If they are not underlined, I will – hopefully – get the recipes to you soon. If you can’t wait, contact me!)

Pasta with Tomato and Bacon (or, Cooking for One)


When I was little, I loved the nights when my mom would go out and my sister and I would be allowed our choice of a frozen TV dinner. Sometimes we would even be allowed to eat it in front of the TV, but mostly we had to sit at the kitchen table, napkins in our laps, milk at the top edge of the placemat, and eat it as we would a homemade meal. (In other words, even though the dessert was included in the foil tray, we had to save that for last.)  Continue reading

Aubergine Rolls with Goat Ricotta & Basil Sauce


When I was growing up, in Vermont, one saying that I particularly loved hearing on the weather reports, especially in the summer, was that we were in for “good sleeping weather.” That means cool but not cold, maybe just the perfect temperature for having the window open and a cosy blanket to snuggle in.

That window of opportunity for good sleeping weather is surprisingly small in our little north-eastern state, where the annual temperature range is anywhere from -30C to 35C, and on a daily basis the weather can change from an idyllic sunny day to a blustery, gale-force storm. So Vermonters also have another saying: If you don’t like the weather….wait a minute.

The same could be said Continue reading

Week 34 2015

Courgettes stuffed with Garden Vegetables, Mozzarella & Goat Cheese (GF)
Quinoa Pilaf (GF, V)
Steamed Garden Chard with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (GF, V)
Carrot Top & Hazelnut Pesto  (GF, V)

(Dishes that have a link to a recipe will be underlined. The others will – hopefully – have recipes coming soon!)