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Blondies (the new health food?)

goodness on a plate

According to some sources, like me, these count as part of a balanced diet.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, my mother read an article that stated almonds had all sorts of health benefits. (My mom was very keen on healthy food, and later went on to cook up all sorts of things for us from Adelle Davis‘ “Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit” and “Let’s Cook it Right”. Which meant that we had to have wheat germ on everything, powdered milk became a commonplace ingredient [why? WHY?], and we for some godforsaken reason had to have Brewer’s Yeast in our orange juice. The Author reports that his own mother went through a similar healthy food tyranny and says that every day before school he was fed a spoonful of malt extract with cod liver oil. Now that I think of it, I got off easy.) But back to the golden years…  Continue reading

A Salad for Sandy (that’s you, Mom!)

closeupOne of the things I like about cooking is that fact that you can do so many different things with the same ingredients. If you give a potato to six different people from six different countries, you’re likely to get six very different dishes, from pierogies to gnocchi to bravas to dauphinoise to rosti to knishes. I think that’s exciting. Every new food is a new and tasty adventure. 

My mom Sandy, on the other hand, is unswerving when it comes to food. She likes things the way she likes them. If you gave my mom a potato, odds are she would make garlic mashed potato. It’s her favourite, her one-and-only. 

Typical conversations about food with my mom go something like this: you mention that you had a pizza for dinner, and she will wax poetic about the great pizza at Angelina’s in New Jersey – “That pizza was so good. Remember how good that was?!” (As far as I know, she last had that pizza in 1969. It must have been some pizza!)  Continue reading