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Turkish Lamb Pizza & Moroccan Pickled Vegetables (or, How We Communicate)


The Oldest has a penchant for hunting horns. None of us hunt, or even ride for that matter, but the horns have come in handy for one very specific reason: when the kids are outside mucking around, and the noise of the river is drowning out all means of communication, we blow on one of the horns, which can be heard all over the valley. Within minutes, the kids come swarming in from the fields. It’s amazing how well this works, and that they respond at all, being, er, at a certain age of independence.  Continue reading


Week 15 2016

One of the (mostly) seasonal menus from this week:

Potato Pizza with Onion and Rosemary (V)
Aubergine Caponata (GF, V)
Braised Cannellini Beans (GF, V)
Fresh Garden Salad with Vinaigrette (GF, V)

(If the dishes have a link to a recipe, they are underlined. If they are not underlined,
I will – hopefully – get the recipes on the blog soon.)