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Pasta with Tomato and Bacon (or, Cooking for One)


When I was little, I loved the nights when my mom would go out and my sister and I would be allowed our choice of a frozen TV dinner. Sometimes we would even be allowed to eat it in front of the TV, but mostly we had to sit at the kitchen table, napkins in our laps, milk at the top edge of the placemat, and eat it as we would a homemade meal. (In other words, even though the dessert was included in the foil tray, we had to save that for last.)  Continue reading

Courgette Pasta (You say courgettes, I say zucchini, but we still have too many)

SAM_2495Last week we had some friends visiting, and while we helped them put up their tent, someone snuck into our house and left a huge marrow*. I figured I knew who it was – last year our neighbour Ann brought us three courgettes, with a total combined weight of over 6 kilos. Let that register for a minute: six kilos. That’s over 12 pounds. For just three courgettes.

“We didn’t go into the garden for a few days,” she said, by way of explanation.

I went back out to the tent to report Ann’s gift to everyone, and our newly arrived friends said, Continue reading

Hansel & Gretel Cookies (or Another Use for Breadcrumbs)


The Author has noted that I am on a cucina povera kick. Possibly he is noticing more about how I am cooking because he is in the middle of writing a novel about Greece in WWII, which includes details of the famine,  but to be honest, I don’t think I’m ever not on a cucina povera kick. I love the simplicity of ingredients and the cleverness necessary to make a good dish out of them. It’s kind of like piecing together a puzzle, but with the difference that you can eat the results.

Aside from that, I have what you might call a mental rolodex of recipes (not all of them thrifty!) that I would like to create or recreate. This is built on dishes I have eaten and loved, recipes I’ve seen and thought looked enticing, or even ingredients that I like and want to use in new ways. Like a real rolodex, the one in my head turns around and around and around, and sometimes, in the never-ending cycle of all these possible recipes, I get distracted from the original intent and get excited by other things – like these cookies.  Continue reading