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Brutti ma Buoni — ‘ugly but good’ cookies (or, Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose)


Four ingredients and ten minutes later, you’ve got cookies!

One thing that has become apparent in lockdown, especially now that the Twins are doing their schoolwork at home, is that everyone needs a computer nowadays. It’s surprising how much I use mine when I think I’m actually doing something else, like cooking, or gardening, or even just reading; I need to look things up, or write things down, constantly, obviously. After forcing our children to basically live the life of Luddites (no phones until you’re 12 years old, no electronic games until you buy them yourselves, very little TV, and definitely no computers when you don’t need them for school, which up until now they didn’t), we are now seeing the following: Continue reading

Corn and Butternut Squash with Marjoram (or, Autumn Colour of a sort)

autumn leaves

An assortment of Devon autumnal colour – greatly enhanced by our Japanese maple.

I grew up in Vermont. I am used to cold snowy winters, sticky hot summers, mosquitoes through three seasons, and mud for the rest of the time. I am used to laconic speakers, world-wary (yes, wary) farmers, free-thinkers and honest politicians. I am used to four-wheel drives, and steering out of a skid in the snow. I am used to hills, lakes, and rushing mountain streams. I am used to being independent, surrounded by beauty, and always a little bit chilly. But one thing I will never get used to, Continue reading